Admissions Process

Welcome to the Harare International Admissions Process. We trust this process will be easy to follow and that your admissions process experience will be a pleasant one.

Our application process is fully online. You don't have to complete any paperwork, you can do it all directly via

If you would need any help on how to use Open Apply you can go to this online manual: or you can email me with any questions you might have.

If you need any help on how to use Open Apply you can go to this online manual: or you can email me with any questions you might have.

Please read the below information carefully before commencing the process.

Before starting the process, we suggest that you have the documentation stated in Part 1 saved on your desktop for ease of access.


Step 1:

  • Gather the following necessary documents in digital format and have them ready to upload when prompted:

  • Passport copy of each student applying

  • Head and shoulders or passport photo of each student applying

  • School reports/ grade level reports/ transcripts (you may need to request these from your current school or previous schools)

  • Any other evaluations (speech and language or education psychologist reports) if applicable.

  • Please have vaccination records ready              

Step 2: Complete the online application form on OpenApply - uploading necessary documentation

Step 3:   Pay the application fee invoice - this will be sent to you once you submit your application- do not submit an application unless you understand that you will be invoiced. The application fee of $250.00 will be invoiced automatically when you submit an application. If you do not wish to be invoiced, please do not submit your application. You can save your application and go back to as many times as you like prior to submission. However, once you submit you are indicating that you are making a full application and you understand that you’ll be invoiced the fee of $250.00

The Application fee is not applicable to students applying for EC1 and EC2, but should you continue to Kindergarten, this will become due.

Once we have received your application/s and the application fee, your application/s will be sent for review. Should you work for an Embassy, please ask the Embassy for a letter confirming they will be responsible for all fees - this will suffice as proof of payment.

We will keep you informed along each step of the process.

After completing Part 1 of the online application, the Principal and/or School Counsellor will go through you application. Once the Principal is satisfied that we can accommodate your child at Harare International School then you will be invited to complete Part 2 of the online application.


Medical and invoicing details required.

Only once all documentation in Part 2 is complete will we invoice you the Registration Fees (if applicable), Capital Levy, and Tech Levy (if applicable) and tuition fees.


On completion of Part 2 we will proceed to Part 3 where we will invite your child for an assessment/testing with the relevant School (Elementary/Middle/High), please note the assessment/testing is only to get to know your child better and to determine their areas of strength and weakness so we may assist them better. We will also invoice you Elementary:

We will schedule an Orientation Working Session with the elementary school principal Mr. Niel Petersen. He will do some fun (maths/reading/writing) activities with your children to get to know them better and it gives you as parents the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

EC1 - our EC1 Teacher will arrange a 30 minute session in the classroom to get to know your child better and to assess if they are ready to start in our EC1 class.



We will schedule some tests for your child, e.g. MAP and Language testing.

Admissions testing will be conducted to assist in determining appropriate grade level placements.


Once these assessments/tests have been completed and payment has been made in full, may your child attend class.

Harare International School admits students from the international community in Zimbabwe (overseas students). It also offers a limited number of places to local students (i.e. permanent residents or Zimbabwe citizens). The school admits students of all races, colour, and ethnic origins to all the rights and privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

Admission shall be based upon students’ records and test scores submitted as required by the professional staff to determine:

  • The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available.

  • The capacity of the Harare International School to meet the educational needs of the applicant.

  • The ability of the Harare International School to meet the behavioural or emotional needs of the student.

Please be aware that omitting to supply, or submission of any false or misleading information regarding the applicant, will result in your child’s offer of a place at Harare International School being withdrawn.

It is your responsibility to disclose any and all information regarding your child that is deemed to be necessary by the school to make an informed decision.

We welcome prospective parents to arrange a private tour of the school prior to admittance. Please email Katie Turner, our Admissions Officer, on for an appointment.

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