Tuition Information 2019-2020


2019 - 2020 Tuition & Levies Fee Schedule


Application Fee (one time) 
$50 payable on submission     KindergartenGrade 12   US$ 500
of application form

Registration Fee (one time)     KindergartenGrade 12   US$ 8,000

Capital Levy (annual)        EC1 – Grade 12        US$ 1,000

Tech Levy (annual)         Kindergarten - Grade 12     US$ 200



Application & Registration Fees and the Tech Levy as below are not applied to EC 1 & EC 2.

Students who progress from EC2 to Kindergarten will be required to pay the Application & Registration Fees and the Tech Levy upon admission to Kindergarten

Application, Registration, Capital Levy & Tech Levy are non-refundable and must be paid with the first fee invoice, before a child/ren may attend school.



All families are required to complete and sign a Financial Undertaking Form and a Tuition Payment Form indicating how they wish to pay tuition fees. Students will only be enrolled once both forms have been submitted and payment has been received by the school. There are two options as set out below. Please read the Terms and Conditions set out overleaf before making the payment commitment.


US$ per annum


One Payment

Annual paid Quarterly

Four Payments totaling

Early Childhood 1





Early Childhood 2



Elementary School – Kindergarten to Grade 5



Middle School - Grades 6 to 8



High School - Grades 9 to 11



High School – Grade 12




100% payable before 31 July 19

    or within 30 days of invoice date

  or prior to commencements of


Students commencing August 19

    35 % payable by 31 July 19

    30 % by 31 October 19

    20 % by 31 January 20

    15 % by 15 April 20




For students enrolling after 22nd October 2019

Single payment of 75% of annual fee only applicable if paid in full upfront

75% of annual bill above in three equal quarterly payments.

For students enrolling after 8th January 2020

Single payment of 50% of annual fee only applicable if paid in full upfront

50% of annual bill above in two equal quarterly payments

For students enrolling after 26th March 2020

Single payment of 25% of annual fee only applicable if paid in full upfront

Early Payment Discount:  Students returning on an Annual payment schedule whose fees are received by the school or FIESA in full prior to 30 June 2019 may deduct an early payment discount of US$500 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) US$200 (Early Childhood 2) from the invoiced fee.

Change of Tuition Policy. (7004.5.07) Tuition and fee policies are generally in effect for an entire fiscal year. However, the Board reserves the right to modify tuition policies at any time should a change in the School’s operating environment warrant such action. This includes charging an additional levy in the event that student enrolment is significantly lower than anticipated.

Please read our Terms of Business (Below)



 The only refund given, calculated at 40% of the annual tuition, will be for a student on an Annual payment schedule who is withdrawn before the start of the second semester. Once a student starts a semester, even if only for one day, then all fees for that semester are payable in full. Refunds will be given net of any early payment discount given and administration fee.

Students on quarterly payment schedules will be liable for a full semester’s fees even if withdrawn early. As soon as notification is given of intended departure, the balance of any fees due for the remainder of that semester will be invoiced and must be paid before any transcripts are released.

A fee of $50 will be charged to cover administration costs on refunds accordingly.

 Force Majeure:

 In the event that the school has to close for reasons of force majeure, the Director will withhold all tuition refunds until the settlement of outstanding liabilities has been completed. Money remaining after these settlements may be divided proportionally among parents, companies and organizations to be credited to their account(s). No cash refund should be expected. Account credits would be maintained for two (2) years after the School closure at which time they will revert to the School's general fund.

Payment Methods:

 Fees being paid from international bank accounts must be made by telegraphic transfer direct to FIESA inclusive of all bank charges. The school cannot accept any loss due to deductions by remitting or intermediary banks or for exchange differences if a payment is made in a currency other than US Dollars. This includes bank charges deducted on transfers, point of sale swipe machines (POS) and credit cards which will be passed onto the parent accordingly.  

Fees being paid in Zimbabwe may be paid in cash to the cashier. Please note that there will be a discount for payment in cash.

Late Payment:

 Invoices will be sent by e-mail or collected from the Business Office.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure they have received a copy of the invoice and to notify the Business Office immediately if there appears to have been a delay. The school cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of invoices in a timely fashion.

Tuition fee payments must be receipted by the school prior to the due date for payment, clearly specified on the invoice.  If the payment has been delayed for any reason, then a late payment fee will be charged for each day that the payment is delayed at the rate of 15% per annum. The late payment fee will be calculated and invoiced at the end of the following month i.e. 30 days after the due date. If the late payment fee levied is not paid within the month in which it was invoiced, this will also be subject to further charges in subsequent months.

Penalties for Late Payment:

 All fees are payable in advance. Any student whose fees have not been paid for the next quarter may be sent home. The process is as follows:

1.   Penalties: Statements will be sent out at the beginning each month. If the fees due in the previous month have not been paid, parents will be advised that interest has started to accrue and will be levied at the end of that month.

2.   Student Suspensions: If payment of the overdue fees and interest has not been received by the end of September, November, February or April (as applicable) the student will be denied admission to school until such time as payment has been received.

3.   Report Cards and Transcripts: Report cards for the semester and transcripts will not be issued until the Business Office has signed off that all fees due at that time have been paid.

4.   Legal Process: If outstanding tuition becomes excessive in terms of the days overdue or the amount, or there is no response to the HIS notices, the School will pursue collection of these debts through appropriate legal channels which may affect future credit worthiness ratings.


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Approved: November 21, 2018